Action for Health


Baby w/thermometerMali remains one of the most dangerous places to be a mother or child, with mortality rates still distressingly high.  Most of these deaths can be prevented by access to quality basic healthcare.  Through Action for Health, we provide children under age five with free primary care to ensure they grow strong and healthy, and we provide pregnant women with subsidized pre- and post-natal care to ensure they and their babies start their journey together healthy and happy.

A team of highly trained community health workers visit enrolled families regularly to monitor children and mother’s growth and development, tracking progress over time.  These workers also provide preventive health education to mothers to help them learn how to avoid common illnesses through good health behaviors, and they can facilitate the clinic entry process when children do present with symptoms.  Action for Health’s key achievements include:

  • Nearly 2,000 children and over 900 mothers receiving life-saving primary care
  • Mortality rate under 1%, 20 times lower than the national average
  • Health workers make thousands of home visits every month
  • Health education responds to the needs of the community; new lessons are taught based on current local health trends

Health Worker & ChildSince 2012, we have partnered with specialists from Brown University and Innovations for Poverty Action who are conducting a thorough impact study of Action for Health.  Utilizing a randomized control trial model, these researchers will be able to determine the full impact of the program on child and maternal health, and on the community as a whole.  The results of the study will be made available later this year, and it is our hope that our successes can become a model for similar programs throughout the region.